Philosophy — at University


Philosophy can be studied on its own as a Single Honours course, or together with another subject or subjects as a Joint or Combined Honours course. Each university offers a different range of courses and modules. For details of the courses available, and the admission requirements, consult the prospectus and website of the university you are interested in.

Single Honours

Single Honours courses in Philosophy (BA) are available at most universities. Courses vary greatly, but the usual structure involves a number of introductory classes in the first year (epistemology, ethics, metaphysics, logic, mind); more specific courses in the second year, often based around philosophers or texts (Descartes, Kant, Plato's Republic, Existentialism etc); and optional specialised courses for the third and final year (Philosophy of Science, post-Kantian Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Wittgenstein, Philosophy of Language etc).

Note that Oxford does not offer a Single Honours course in Philosophy; and LSE offers a unique course in Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method (BSc).

Joint or Combined Honours

Most universities allow you to combine Philosophy with one or more other subjects. Some popular combinations are:

Other combinations include: